Educational Crap


In the entrance to one of the kindergartens I visit are educational posters about: body parts, healthy food, litter, crossing roads, …

The above poster was up for a few weeks before it was replaced with something else.

Can you guess what it’s about?

How about now?


I don’t make this stuff up! … I just record the evidence.


note: I only make stuff up when there is no evidence … or when I feel like it.

double note: Yes I’m toilet humormongering again, … but this is educational!

triple note: I think there are more than 3 types … but that’s just me. I could be wrong: I usually am.


notes to myself #77

You will never retrieve that penny you swallowed.

12 responses to “Educational Crap

  1. It seems to be referring to the consistency of one’s poo, the first being diarrhea, the second being “normal” and the third constipation. Tell her what she wins Ross!

  2. This is hard to believe, Ross. Especially the long tall smiling one that looks like one of those huge stones from Easter Island. Is that why the little boy is laughing? I mean, really. This is what they are teaching kids over there?

  3. That is… what I mean is… it’s very… eh… yah.

    Years ago, I took a hike with a humorless forest ranger (long story). At one point, he told me that he had a book on nothing but animal scat. I asked if there was a centerfold for elephant. He just looked at me with no expression and replied, “No. I don’t think so.” I wonder if he just thought he had gotten the edited version.


  4. The big one is blinking. Does he have something in his eyes?

  5. Well, I think we have a winner! LOL 🙂 S.Le is too brainy!

  6. I’d love to know what the text says.

    Maybe something like:

    “it make look like chocolate, but it tastes ca-ca!”

  7. This is disgusting! Do you have to look at this everyday?

    So, is S. Le right? You know, this poster could have helped me out as a child. I didn’t learn what a healthy poop was until I watched Oprah and saw Dr. Oz discuss it…some 37 years later.

  8. According to the Bristol Stool Chart there are seven different kinds…..

  9. Armrests for Gibbons! Uh-oh, wrong blog. Toilet paper for Gibbons!

  10. I thought it was related to this.

  11. Wow! Thanks for the comments!

    S. Le:her” wins nothing, except the knowledge that “her” is correct. This was not a competion … only an exhibition.
    I thought I was going to hear rumblings of toilet humor from the S. Le camp: I was wrong … I usually am.

    Donald Diddams: I thought the same thing about the Easter Islandish looking one. I guess it was just a poster that goes up for a few weeks and then passes like … stuff.
    The kids can’t read what the poster says, but neither can I … usually. I know what this one says though: “How is your stool today? ” and possibly “Are you eating the right food?: cause shite don’t lie.” hee hee!

    Turkish Prawn: after doing my business out in the woods a friend walked by and said “I don’t remember you eating that.” hee hee! ho … um … move along.

    omawarisan: I think I’m blinking when I do that too! … but I can’t really see. … groan.

    Doraz: too much brainy in the diet will lead to somethings. hee hee! … I am a toilet humorist at heart me thinks.

    razzbuffnik: it says ” How is your stool today?” and the big sign says something else that I’m not quite sure of.

    Tammy: it was only up for a few weeks and I only saw it a few times: I’m glad I take my camera with me most of the time.
    I don’t think the kids really know what the heck they are seeing most of the time, so it was probably in one end and out the other for most. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: very.

    nursemyra: you are a wealth of information. I knew there were more than 3! I can’t recognize all 7 without those cute faces though. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: I guess everyone’s ancestors were just not wiping in the past. Isn’t that a cheery thought.
    If there were condoms 5,000 years ago, would they be better today … or would we not be here to ponder the fact? … thinking is scary sometimes.

    Bunk Strutts: it’s nothing to do with that! … but it does have a certain similarity to that. hee hee!

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