Are there any sushi sous chefs?

I hope not …

because that’s really hard to say.


note: some people like to make a big production line when serving sushi.

double note: conveyor belt sushi/rolling sushi/kaiten zushi … whatever you call it, I consider it hunting.

triple note: if you don’t see what you like … special orders arrive by bullet train/shinkansen on the overhead tracks.

quadruple note:  the coolest part about these restaurants is they just count all the empty plates to see how much your bill is.
… in a perfect world they would do something similar at places selling chicken wings … and maybe at rib restaurants too.


notes to myself #76

Do not sniff the bleach bottle in the laundry room.


7 responses to “Sushi

  1. There is no way I could say that!

    Interesting way to sort out a bill! I should charge for empty plates here but then the guys would eat with their hands and that’s just disgusting!

    Art Major loved the sushi in Japan. Especially the cuttlefish sushi.

  2. love the bullet train

  3. Love the food delivery method here in your pic. Hate raw feeesh. bleckhhh!!!

  4. Sushi requires eating with an art! I can handle some of it! Looks delicious, tastes weird…to me! Enjoy! 🙂

  5. I know a guy who married a very testy Japanese woman (so unusual) who is a great cook.

    You should’ve seen her face when I jokingly said to her, “oh you Japanese don’t actually cook, you just chop stuff up”.

    I’m glad she didn’t have a sushi knife in her hand.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    S. Le: when you take dishes off of the conveyor belt you just stack them up until your finished: all plates were 100 yen at this place. There were 18 in my pile, but my girlfriend did eat quite a lot. hee hee!

    nursemyra: the guy sitting a few seats down was a bullet train hog. I don’t know what he was ordering, but I kept pulling the camera out … just to be disappointed … or disappointing my camera in the wrong direction.

    sweetiegirlz: there were assorted fruits, juices, and chocolatey things circulating as well.

    Doraz: this system would work great for other foods as well: I bet people would eat more while they drank at bars if there was yummy stuff coming around.
    … or just drink more, if drinks were cruising by.

    Dennis the Vizsla: me too … and I was there!

    razzbuffnik: do they have sushi knives? … I thought they just used their hands! hee hee!
    The longer I live here, the more great foods I come across … which makes me want to live longer.
    It’s a delicious circle or something.

    note: every country I’ve visited has had great food, but I haven’t been everywhere yet: I hope I won’t be disappointed.

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