Holiday Seasonal Work



 note: possibly the little drummer boy does most of the work.

double note: old supermodels don’t retire … they just go into other fields.

triple note: some people really make a nativity scene in public.

quadruple note: I guess it’s stable work.


notes to myself #74

You grow up before movie cameras are commonplace and your parents don’t take that many embarrassing pictures of you.


9 responses to “Holiday Seasonal Work

  1. The little drummer boy had parents with enemies that gave their son a drum to drive them crazy.

  2. Old supermodels make good scare crones!

  3. Those are REALLY creepy!

  4. Up there with the “strange” group!

  5. I never saw it done quite like this. Was it meant for turkeys?

  6. This is a strange grouping of scarecrows.

    I kept looking to see if one of them had a cut out and you were standing in the stable with your face poking through.

  7. haha…. I like the double note

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Razzbuffnik: I used to have the little piano practicing girl living next door to me, but she was all year round.

    Prairie Flounder: hee hee!

    S. Le: This was the first time that I’ve noticed these things. I usually only drive this road in the other direction … and then come back a different way.

    Doraz: the one in the middle definitely needs a better facial treatment program.

    Donald Diddams: They are probably really effective against turkeys … since I don’t see too many of those things around here.
    I think they use them in the rice paddies, but it’s the off season now.

    Tammy: they are all creepy doll heads. I wouldn’t go into the fields if they were hanging out.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I agree.

    nursemyra: hee hee! I’m waiting for the Spring fashion collection to come out.

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