The Regenerating Toothbrush Analogy

Day 1: A broken toothbrush is like a sprained wrist: it’s useless.

Day 2: It’s still pretty useless, but can be used in emergency situations. Pain will be involved.

Day 3: It’s functional, but I don’t want anyone to see me use it. It still has problems with hard to reach areas.

Day 4: It’s starting to resemble it’s former self. If you don’t look too closely at it … or use it too much, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t 100% yet.

Day ???: It works great and will be severely underappreciated once again.



Things I couldn’t do with my right wrist and hand on Day 1

– start my van

– hold anything heavier than air

– negotiate buttons, unscrew jar lids, or wash the left side of my body properly

double note: on Day 1 it hurt like hell … but I rolled up my sleeve (a co-worker rolled up the other one for me) and I carried on.

triple note: spraining a wrist hurts, but I’m sure any body part … or anybody’s part of their body would be the same … or similar but in a different area and with a different function … or it might be worse.
Things can always be worse, but they can always be better too!

quadruple note: negotiating with buttons doesn’t work … getting mad, pleading, making promises, and crying don’t work either.


notes to myself #73

One of your arms breaks when you are 18 months old … after that you just seem to bend stuff.


8 responses to “The Regenerating Toothbrush Analogy

  1. Nice. Now, are you going to tell us just HOW you sprained your wrist or is it too embarrassing?

  2. We KNOW how he sprained it. picking up the neighbor’s cat poo in a shovel and throwing it over the fence. You know, it just seems about the right time line on his blog and all….

    P.S. cool toothbrush holder. (or if it isn’t one, it would make a good one)

  3. Well, I too wonder how you got yourself into this mess! Do tell! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    If I tell you how I sprained my wrist, I know the “pity level” for me will go way down.

    … I fell out of the backseat of a truck into a parking lot.
    The truck wasn’t moving, but it was very high off the ground.
    I must have hooked my leg on something on the floor.
    Alcohol wasn’t involved; neither was balance.

  5. Well, I am not even going to ask what you were doing back there! LOL 🙂 Were you in Drivers Ed class with a student teaching them how to drive? LOL

  6. Very sorry to hear about the sprained wrist, Ross, but it appears you have already re-mastered the keyboard.
    Seriously, DON’T tell them what you were doing in the back of the truck!

  7. Thanks for the comments … again.

    S. Le: I agree it’s totally unbelievable! I should be on Ripley’s Believe it or Don’t.

    Doraz: I was just sitting in the backseat getting a ride home … and seriously not thinking about falling out of the truck at any point.

    sweetiegirlz: it’s one of those triangular cushions from Thailand. As a toothbrush holder it would be pretty soggy and gross sooner than later. It’s pretty crap as far as cushions go too!

    Donald Diddams: thanks. It’s been a week now and the wrist feels about 75% okay.
    I was just sitting in the backseat doing nothing: minding my own business and everything.

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