The Fabric Of Time


I watched my girlfriend as she moved from rack to rack in a women’s clothing store.

There were women of all ages shopping, but …

three women in their late 60’s followed my girlfriend around the store and were all interested in the same clothes as her.

I’m a bit worried.


note: there are many possible reasons for what I observed … and I elaborated on all of them after foolishly telling my friend the worst one first.

double note: I don’t have much choice when it comes to clothes where I live. I’ve turned into an LL Bean Stalker unintentionally. I like to call it XL Bean though.

triple note: I’m not saying that older people can’t  look stylish in clothes: I’m saying I don’t want them to wear the same clothes as my girlfriend and I.

quadruple note: the  X2: Egg Pod experiment has been updated. All the other experiments are doing fine … I’m just mesmerized by their ability to stay the same at the moment.

quintuple note: it’s another 2 entry night! … but those “The Sweetest Things” things are just too easy: like shooting barrels with fish … or something like that.


notes to myself #70

I don’t think you own a pair of jeans until you graduate High School. Your complacency amazes me … I mean us.

10 responses to “The Fabric Of Time

  1. ditheringheights

    It’s a fashion free-for-all out there these days! It’s all that Gok Wan’s fault, telling everyone they’re beautiful and how to dress.
    Enjoying the blog btw.

  2. Cynical Scribble

    I’d be more worried if she had a blue rinse!

  3. I thought it was ‘slapping barbers with a fish’. If it isn’t – well it should be!

  4. One’s imagination could run wild thinking about the 3 women in their 60’s following your girl friend around the clothing racks. I won’t discuss my fantasies, though.
    …Being an XL Bean shopper by necessity will guarantee you some consistency in appearance, at least — so it’s not all bad. Plus, no one will be following you around the XL Bean website!

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    ditheringheights: thanks for stopping by. I think they just thought my girlfriend was so fashionable that they wanted to look like her. … at least that is what I told her. hee hee!

    Cynical Scribble: a purple rinse is more popular in Japan. I still haven’t photographed that phenomena yet.

    Tooty Nolan: that’s in the other kettle of fish all together. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I was just leaning bored on a rack watching the spectacle … it was no fantasy.
    There is an XL Bean shop a few hours away that I visit a few times a year: none of that online stuff for me yet.
    I always seem to be in season, but camouflaged in my shirts.
    I used to shop at Eddie Bauer, but they’ve lost the plot recently.

  6. Incoming! Duck! Wikkp Incoming Heat seeking missiles headed to Japan.

    Re: you and your triple note disclaimer?

    Made it worse, buddy. Made it worse.
    I was just thinking you were creeped out by stalkers.

    Totally understandable.

    But, oh no, you have to go and qualify it that you really don’t want that age women wearing yours (AS IF, Dick Tracy) or your girlfriends style clothing…

    On the edge once again monsieur PlanetRoss.

    I’m about that age and I can see why someone stalking, whatever age, your girlfriend would creep you out (and her), but why don’t you want us 60’s ladies to be wearing clothes like you and girlfriend? I can understand why you wouldn’t want 60 plus year old women wearing your XL LL Bean clothes because generally after 60 we shrink a bit so we’d look really silly BUT so what if we wear something stylish that a woman years younger might wear? I’m not talking mini-skirts here or low rise jeans and thongs…but honestly I hope your girlfriend doesn’t age for her sake. She doesn’t think you are funny now, you told me. Wait till she’s sixty!! O, lordie.

  7. I will resemble nothing LIKE a 60’s year old woman when I am 60. Okay? and aunt poly and aunt ester following your girlfriend around? you should be flattered. she prolly has great taste in clothes!

  8. You tell him, Renee!! Go, girl!!!

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  10. Thanks for the comments … I think. hee hee!

    w1kkp: I put in that triple note specifically to cover my ass just in case you read this one.
    I guess I should have left it uncovered. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: that’s what I thought really.

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