The Sweetest Things #2


Is there anyone who doesn’t like the cold side of the pillow?

… I thought so.

I stand uncorrected.


note:cold pillow talk” isn’t good sometimes.

double note: it’s a renewable resource.

triple note:  wordpress  is having a video contest for things people are thankful for. I don’t have a video camera to be thankful for this year, but …
I thought I’d just throw some things I’m thankful for out there.

quadruple note: if you missed the “The Sweetest Things #1” scroll down or click or something … it’s close by.


notes to myself #67

Don’t stand so close behind Alphie while playing ball hockey in grade 4: stitches are involved.

2 responses to “The Sweetest Things #2

  1. I like the sweetest things series. Sorry I’ve not been here for awhile. Been visiting the sweetest thing ever… Cute Daughter and her new baby!

  2. S. Le: thanks. I may put a few more on eventually.
    It’s funny how blogging becomes a lot less important/immediate concern when good things are happening.
    … or bad things … if I consider my recent health issue issues.
    Cold is gone and the sprain is disappearing. I’ll be 100% regular unhealthy soon. hee hee!

    note: I thought this entry would get a lot more comments. … because really … who doesn’t like the cold side of the pillow?

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