Lately I’ve been disregardening.


note: the only things growing in my yard are the pile of leaves, the number of dead flowers, and what the nextdoor neighbour’s cat has been daily  “deposhitting” on the lawn.

double note: it’s the usual suspect  again … and again … and again …

triple note: sorry I haven’t been making my usual rounds … still mildly unmotivated by whatever I have. I think it’s slowly going away … or coming back … depending on what I’m talking about.


notes to myself #65

Kraft Dinner never loses it’s magic.

8 responses to “Lately

  1. The kitty has good form. That’s my favorite time to charge them. Woof Woof.

  2. Deposhitting, I like it. My neighbors let their dog out for a quick visit to my lawn every morning. They keep forgetting I leave for work at 5 am, when they let the dog out. I’ve been considering squatting on their front porch.

  3. Well, that was an attractive photo to look at while drinking my coffee! LOL 🙂 Hope you get better soon. I am still going back and forth with whatever “it” is I have! UGH

  4. I can’t believe you actually got a picture of that! lol. excuse me, i have to run and get my camera, the neighbor’s cat is taking a crap…lol. have you ever brought this up with your neighbor? feeeeeel better.

  5. Well make your garden ‘cat proof’ by putting on some fence or something…or sort it out with your neighbor..
    Your Garden Personality – Which type of garden goes with your personality?

    Would like to mention that the test is free and quick…

  6. I was always told that cats dug holes, then buried the evidence. Another falsehood obviously. I was also told that I had a big nose: I even wrote songs about it when I was young. Then I looked at the header on my site: and guess what – that was false too. The accusation: Not the nose. No – that’s very real. I know that it’s real because I was once bitten on the end of it by a hamster, and as a result had to have a tetenous jab in my buttocks. I sold the little bastard for fifty pence. The hamster: Not my nose.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    sandysays1: you commented on this cat before … you must like it. hee hee!

    omawarisan: I’ve gotten used to the cat doing this. It always does them in the same area and I don’t use my little bit of grass very often, so it’s no big deal.
    I still scrape them up and put them over in the neighbour’s driveway though.

    Doraz: my “it” keeps hanging on … at this point, “it“‘s more annoying than anything.
    I hope “it” goes away for both of us.

    sweetiegirlz: this cat is a pretty regular visitor and is hard to miss if I look out my front window/sliding doors.
    It’s such a pathetic cat I don’t hold any animosity towards it. … or animalosity. hee hee!

    Tasneen R: thanks for stopping by. If I put up a fence and gate I’d have to open it up for the cat everytime it had to take a crap. It sounds like a lot of work. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: this cat just makes a very unconvincing attempt at scratching some grass over top of it’s business … not your nose.
    It’s like watching a kid brush his teeth when he knows no one is really looking.

  8. oh well then..!

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