The Ory Theory


I guess if I speculated enough and assumed a position …

I could produce a theory.


note: Theories and Laws are separate … in fact.

double note:

theory: an assumption or guess based on limited information or knowledge.

I think I’m living in a theory … but it’s just my theory.

triple note: my theory is that “theory” sounds better than “good guess“.


notes to myself #63

Your first CD player will be tremendously expensive and will end up at a community shelter for the homeless.

5 responses to “The Ory Theory

  1. My theory is, that person needs a bigger umbrella.

  2. Do you have a hypothesis to support that theory? Or is that your best guess?

  3. There was an old band called Game Theory.

    Some people get lost in what is fact and what is a theory.

    Theories are interesting as long as they aren’t conspiracy theories.

  4. I think Dennis’ theory is really a fact.
    I got your Exploding Taiwanese whale comment. For some reason it went to my spam filter.
    Did they think some advertiser was trying to sell me whale entrails?
    It’s nice to know that the homeless people had music to dance to

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I think she stole it from a tropical drink.
    It wasn’t raining, so it was probably big enough.

    S. Le: damn! I scribbled down “hypothesis” somewhere, but forgot to put it in. I probably started thinking about “hypotenuse” … and I can get lost in that word for days.

    Tammy:theory” just sounds so much better than “good guess“:

    My theory on how many jellybeans were in the jar proved flawed.

    Tony: I try not to make fun of people’s fashion sense … but this woman didn’t have any … so I took a picture of her. She was about 70 years old and looking like she was off to a breakdancing party.

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