Stars And TVs And Stuff

technology ends up here


When I look at the stars I think of my TV.

It will end up somewhere that I will never visit.



note: I’m not trying to be pessimistic … maybe I will visit the stars one day … but I’m sure I’m not going to visit my crap TV.

double note: when the space shuttle Challenger blew up everyone was shocked, but my mother said, “What a way to go.
I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but it’s something.

triple note: I may have put on 4 entries today for some reason that I can’t explain easily.


notes to myself #59

You will become a lot of things you rebel against, but it’s not all bad: time is a harsh mistress … but fair.


7 responses to “Stars And TVs And Stuff

  1. Your Mum sees the positive in things

  2. Your mom may have had a point. You could be on the Challenger… or end up in the trash like an old TV. Now there’s a depressing choice!

  3. My thoughts are all piled up with this one!

  4. Thanks for dredging up old, sad thoughts.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: my mother kept me around so she must have been able to see the positive in things: she must have had very good eyesight. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I thought I bummed myself out with this post … but you’ve done an even better job. hee hee!

    Doraz: there is a little truck with a big loudspeaker that cruises around the neighbourhoods on weekends calling out for old bicycles, tvs, computers, refrigerators, air-conditioners, …
    Now I know where they take the stuff.
    I’ll just take my stuff there and throw it on their pile when no one is around.

    S. Le: sorry. I’ll try to think of happier thoughts for a while.

  6. You are the first person I’ve ever come across who thinks of TV ! ( LOL ) while looking at the stars! That’s funny ! 🙂

  7. Tasneem R: I only think of my tv when I look at the stars … I’m a bit selfish.

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