Numerical Orderliness

yes that is exactly what it looks like from a different angle that I know nothing about


Someone should make a numerical dictionary.

I keep forgetting how to write “six trillion seven hundred and forty four billion eight hundred and ninety two million five hundred and thirty one thousand nine hundred and seventy two“.

I don’t think my dictionary is very good with numbers.


note: putting numbers in alphabetical order sounds possible; but improbable … like negative numbers.

double note: I can’t count negative numbers on my hands!

triple note: I’m waiting for a number between 6 and 7 to be recognized.


notes to myself #58

You are very good at counting change.


9 responses to “Numerical Orderliness

  1. If we were meant to count that high we would have more than 10 fingers. Don’t mess with things that just aren’t meant to be…

  2. I love it, good work 🙂

  3. 6,000,000,000,700

    Counting back change is difficult for me. My brain doesn’t work backwards.

  4. How would you know when you’d finished writing your numerical dictionary? And, do you define each entry? There’s something quite infinite about that.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: You only have 10 fingers? hee hee!

    seveneachday: thanks for stopping by. good luck with your blog.

    Tammy: I don’t know why I put all those “and“s in that: I don’t say that when I say the number.

    I actually changed the “notes to myself” … the other one was just gloomy.
    I am very good at counting back change and adding up dart scores: for everything else ask a high school math student.

    S. Le: it could take a while. “infinite” hee hee!

  6. Actually I’m not sure if thumbs count as fingers or are kinda like in a league of their own, sort of a finger sub-species. If that’s so then I only have 8 fingers.

  7. I wondered if the “ands” were to separate the numbers or if it was one long number. If that was the case, I immediately gave up on figuring that out. The numbers I wrote put my brain at capacity with counting all of those zeros. 🙂

  8. When you’ve found out the number between 6 & 7 please let us all know what is is like..! hey I know it’s 6n a half… 6.5 …

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: thumbs as a “a finger sub-species“: I like that.

    Tammy: when I start counting zeros it always adds up to nothing. hee hee!

    Tasneem R: everytime I get at sixes and sevens I become confused. hee hee!

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