Puzzling Over 1,000 Pieces

planetross and willy ... that's the cat's name


 The completion of a puzzle begins with one piece … well technically two … actually all the pieces should be somewhere in the vicinity.


This is my 1,000th blog!

I would have laughed at anyone who said that I could write that many blogs … I probably would have laughed at them anyway for some other reason … but that’s beside the point.

I thought maybe I was working on a 1,000 piece puzzle, but it turns out that I still have a lot of pieces outside the border and big chunks to fill in within.

… and the puzzle box says something about it being a 4D puzzle … whatever that is!

So you are stuck with me for a while yet.


note: I hope there is/has been some quality in with the quantity for the 10 or 15 regular readers.

double note: the good thing about having a big pile of crap is that you can always add a bit more without anyone being any the wiser. I’m sure no one is the wiser for reading this stuff, but thanks for clicking over here anyway.

triple note: the problem with having a big pile of crap is that you have to climb on top of it when you want to add to it.

quadruple note: this is the only photo I have of myself as a young planet in my present location. I thought I’d pull it out for the big occasion.

quintuple note: I call this photo “Dad’s Knee Encrouching“.


notes to myself #54

Pulling out black and white photos will not win you any prizes while trying to date younger women.


10 responses to “Puzzling Over 1,000 Pieces

  1. I haven’t commented over here for a while, but I’ve been reading and I have to commemorate this momentous occasion. A grand of posts…wowzers.

    I’ll never be able to write that much nonse…I mean, that much quality. Well done Mister Ross.

    I’ve only popped over for a party hat and some jelly…both of which are lacking here *tuts*

  2. Congrats to Planetross! Your photo of the young planet is brilliant and oh so cute! (gagging) You look like you are tired from holding that large cat onto the smallish planet. Hope your planet and it’s orbit have grown exponentially! So happy to be “stuck” with you in your universe. I’ll bet MY pile of crap can beat YOUR pile of crap!

  3. Wow!

    Good on ya!

    I’m up to my 494th post and I’m wondering what I’ll do for it.

  4. awwww…little Rossy (Rossi?) Rosstopher McGillicutty! The cat is fixin to slice off your left ear. Congrats on your 1000 posts. Now suffice to say, you have mastered a book. start printing them out and publish some.

  5. That Willy is a big one!

    Congrats on the 1000th. I can’t even imagine… Lots of chuckles for the rest of us.

  6. Cute photo and congrats on your 1,000th post! That’s a big accomplishment. I only have 74 posts with 9 in the trash (I am my worst critic).

    I enjoy your blog because it’s so interesting, but I’ve been missing your drawings. You still haven’t topped “Toothpickles”.

  7. The big 1K, congratulations! And you never know, black and white photos might impress the younger Ansel Adams-worshiping art student women …

  8. Yes I have missed your drawings too…
    Big congratulations for the big one thousand. Next goal One Million. Wonder how many posts I would be up to now If I hadn’t deleted my past ex-blogs, current blog is up to 170, wonder if that’s a record for me??? My Blogoversary Widget is down to only 185 days to go. I wonder if I should delete at 2 days to go just to keep up my traditional ways

  9. Congrats on 1000. The picture does look like that cat is about to batter you pretty good, is there another in the series?

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Cynical Scribble: thanks! sorry for the lack jellies and hats … budgets and stuff … you know.

    S. Le: I like the idea that I am holding Willy the cat for atmospheric reasons.
    I’ve got a pretty big pile of crap … but it looks bigger from different angles.

    razzbuffnik: thanks. I’m sure you will find something interesting to make us all think a bit differently … like you usually do.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks. I keep thinking about a book, but there is too much choice and decision making to make. I will eventually … maybe.
    Willy would never slice off my ear!!! I don’t think I ever saw his claws come out … unless I asked him nicely. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I was waiting for someone to mention that … I should have known it would be you since you usually comment on the photo notes … or should I call them “photes“?
    He was the best cat I ever had as a pet … and the last for some reason. Being the last child kind of sucks sometimes.

    Tammy: I guess I go through cycles: observational crap, drawing crap, serial crap, word play crap, …
    I’ll get back to the drawing stuff eventually. It’s nice being able to put on anything that I’m thinking about or intruding upon me.
    I really just write about what pops into my head: maybe the are “head pops” … but I hope they don’t go away and leave me staring at the screen.

    Dennis the Vizsla: there is always hope … and Ansel Adams.
    That would be quite a blog: “How Ansel Adams Helped Me Score with Younger Women“.
    My girlfriend is actually older than me! How did that happen?

    Tony: if you delete the latest incarnation of your blog … I’ll probably read what you have to say when you pop up again.
    … but I hope it doesn’t come to that.
    People like continuity … it’s timely … and orderly. hee hee!
    You are over the “hump month” … if there is one.

    omawarisan: thanks!
    hey I can write your name without looking anymore!
    Willy the cat and I were the best of friends … unless of course we disagreed … which was seldom.

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