Delayed Rain

actually this is the bullet train (shinkansen) track, but you get the idea


Driving under bridges in the rain makes me think of … nothing.
It’s quite nice actually.


note: driving cars under bridges with rivers under them is for the ferries.

double note: turning the wipers off for a second gives me something to do.

triple note: rain drowns out the noise … and other things: that’s not so good sometimes.

quadruple note: “Hey it stopped raining! … crap it’s just a bridge.”


notes to myself #53

Do not put Tiger Balm on your upper lip! EVER!!!!

8 responses to “Delayed Rain

  1. If you drove under bridges all day long, we would come to an empty blog because you would have had nothing to think about all day. Right? LOL :)l

  2. I hate driving while raining

  3. It’s great for drowning out noisy tappets, knackered wheel bearings, and gaseous emissions.

  4. I love it how the rain’s noise stops for a moment, just long enough to see the motorcycle that has pulled over for shelter, and the suddenly starts all over again, like a pause in music.

  5. Tuirning the wipers of in the rain??? Are you totally nuts!!! That’s just thrill seeker city man…

  6. “Hey it stopped raining! … crap it’s just a bridge.”

    HEE HEE.

  7. Is delayed rain a rain delay in reverse? Wouldn’t that make it an excellerated rain? I’m probably wrong about that. A drowning rain, now that’s something completely different!

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: hee hee!

    lovebug35: thanks for stopping by. I like driving in the rain sometimes … I feel good that my wipers work.

    Tooty Nolan: I’ve gone deaf to car noises … unless I hear a new one … then it takes a week to ignore it.

    razzbuffnik: my thinking exactly.

    Tony: I live life on the edge sometimes!

    sweetiegirlz: sometimes it just rains under bridges. hee hee!

    S. Le: all your hypothesis are droughtful. hee hee!

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