Not Inconsequential Ordering

I haven't taken any good food photos lately, so here is another flower.


People who eat dessert first because they like it the best have no anticipatience.


 note: eating dessert first by rationalizing that you could die before the end of the meal is kind of pessimistic.

double note: on Planetross you can order whatever you like first, but you’re still going to get it in the same bag at the drive-thru window.

triple note: yes, I actually wrote “drive-thru” window. I can’t believe it either!

quadruple note: I should install a drive through window at my house. I wouldn’t have to clean up when people came to visit: how convenient!

quintuple note: on Planetross everyone chews everything 32 times: even ice cream.
… the ice cream isn’t very good really.


notes to myself #45

When you go to Osoyoos for summer vacation as a kid, you will discover something amazingly delicious: licorice ice cream.
… and it gives you a cool black tongue too!!!!


2 responses to “Not Inconsequential Ordering

  1. “anticipatience” is a brilliant word I may try to incorporate into my staggeringly huge vocabulary.

  2. S. Le: thanks!
    … but checking to see if I was being original, I find that once again the “urban dictionary” people beat me to this one … and some dog show people too!
    My rain has been paraded on again.

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