Where Am I?

my views are being blocked by a big cold building


People usually can’t think straight when they have a cold.

On Planetross it’s the opposite: I can’t think in my regular round about way.

I’ll be back shortly.


note: I think I’m clairabouyant … I see a bath in my future.

double note: the photo is the view from the hotel window on my recent “business trip”. I some how feel like that at the moment.

triple note: being sick is like being a secret agent: it’s all undercover.

quadruple note: thanks for stopping in while I was a way.


notes to myself #44

 Always pack tissue packages … not actually pack them! … just carry them around just in case.


12 responses to “Where Am I?

  1. Oh, I wish I could send you some of my magical minestrone soup that will help you get back to normal a lot sooner. Old family recipe. Be sure to load up on liquids. I am referring to water and juice, of course! LOL 🙂

  2. Why’d they bother with the curtains? Anyway, get well soon!

  3. nice view! did you have to pay extra for that?

  4. What is that outside the window anyway. It looks like they have curtains on the outside. I just don’t get why they would do that…. Maybe they’d heard of your blogging reputation & wanted to see if you’d blog about their viewless window

  5. Nice that the window opened so you could get a better look! That view reminds me of how I feel with a cold. Sort of blank, you know? Maybe that’s where the word blank-et comes from. (Just thought I’d give you something to ponder…)

  6. Feel better and come back soon!

  7. Is that one of those creepy “coffin” hotels?
    I actually thought it was a photo of a crematorium! Hope you don’t feel THAT bad!

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    I was going for the sympathy angle on this one. hee hee!
    I still feel like crap, but people have been saying, “You look less crappy today.” … so I must be getting better.

    Doraz: thanks. I’ve drunk so much liquid in the last week I have so many pees in a day that I could spell hippopotamus several times.

    Dennis the Vizla: I don’t either. No natural light entered that room.

    sweetiegirlz: the company booked that hotel … they must really love me.
    Actually, other than the view it wasn’t a bad place.

    Tony: it’s the paneled wall of whatever building is next door. Looking down from the window there were a lot of video discs and beer cans littering the ground: maybe they used to have karaoke machines in the rooms.

    Donald Diddams: I’ve been pondering your ponderance, but I’m still not 100% back into being out of shape enough to tackle that one. hee hee!

    jimsmuse: I’m feeling a bit better. I should have said that I was still thinking of stuff, but writing them up just felt like too much work and no fun at all.

    S. Le: I don’t feel that bad. It’s just a regular hotel, but I definitely got burned on the view. I was sick anyway, so it wasn’t such a disappointment.

  9. Sorry you are sick, but glad you look a little less crappy than you did yesterday. (I’m only taking your word for it).

    I have a very good relationship with tissues. They are always with me.

  10. Tammy: thanks. I think I even look less crappier today!

  11. No, I can confirm, you still look crappy! 🙂

    You know I’m teasing. Hope you feel better soon buddy!

  12. Kelly Pettit: oh I still look crappy, but not as crappy.

    I know it was you who put the “Plague” sign on my front door!

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