When I’m Sick, I Sometimes Go To …

used tickets remind me of hangovers

A ROCK ‘N ROLL SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the 50s are alive and well

Mr. Pettit  and myself attended this 50’s party a few nights ago.  Walking into it was like walking into the Twilight Zone: greasers, fancy suits with two toned shoes, poodle dresses, bowling shirts, big hair, …

It was awesome.

We are the Spaniels not the Pharoahs!

People “strolling“, “jiving“,  “twisting” and ” shake, rattle, and rolling” everywhere.

1, 2, 3, o'clock

200 odd people … but not odd really … just a subculture of 50’s Rock ‘N Roll  officianados alive and well in the back of beyond Japan having a good time.

The Shirelles! ... well not really, but not too bad.

When I start to think about, it’s not really so strange: good music, good dancing, and fun.

As we were the only foreigners in attendance, I thought it was bizarre.
After thinking about it, it seemed pretty normal.
I wasn’t dancing  in the 50’s … and neither were most of these people. They just like the music and so do I.

Four bands played the classics and some songs that were great but just hadn’t made it through the filtered version of the 50’s that I grew up with.

possibly in a B52s cover band maybe

I’ll be going to the next one … and I’m sure I won’t have to twist Mr. Pettit‘s arm too hard to come with me.


note: my version of the 50’s comes mostly from “American Graffiti” and “Happy Days” sadly. I was born too late … but I’d probably be really old if I was.

double note: I ended up dancing with an 81 year old woman for most of the night. She is a former #1 dancer in Japan … so I was honored.

triple note: sorry all the photos are crap: I left my camera at home and took these images with the phone camera.

quadruple note: I thought there were going to be 5 bands … until I realized that “gest” meant “guests“.


notes to myself #41

You know those dance moves you do at 13 years old?
They will last you a lifetime.


8 responses to “When I’m Sick, I Sometimes Go To …

  1. Gosh! Who knew the Japanese knew so much about current Rock! “boogie down!”

  2. Could always go hang out with the Raggare in Sweden…

  3. I remeber back in the mid 1970s the cos play at Meji Jingu in Harajuku used to be rockabilly and all the guys used sport huge ducktails.

    There’s something very touching about a Japanese guy with a greasy ducktail and leathers trying to look serious.

  4. Dig those dos. I love the way Japanese people take retro and roll with it, even down to those cute little Nissan cars that look as if they drove straight out of 50s America, only with 21st century engines. Looks like fantastic fun was had by all AND I’m impressed that your dance partner was such a pro and still rocking at 81. Hat off to her.

  5. The ticket said Vol. 4. Did you see Vol. 1,2,and 3?
    I guess American 50’s rock and roll is universal. I never would have thought Japanese would have an interest.

    My 50’s experience comes from “Happy Days”, “Laverne and Shirley” and “Back to the Future.”

  6. I was gunna mention the GEST spelling but you already had it covered in you Quadruple note. Gottta love those 13 year old dance moves. Like riding a bike, you never forget how.
    Shhh… Be vewy qwiet, I’m going to wock & woll

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I guess when you have the 2nd biggest music industry in the world you don’t have to look outside your borders too often.
    I’m not sure if I was talking about Japan or the U.S.. hee hee!
    I’d say the average person has never heard of U2; knows Simon and Garfunkel, but not Paul Simon; and has an appreciation for The Beatles, The Eagles, and John Denver‘s “Country Roads“.

    pannonica: I bet the Ragare are big “Snus” users too!

    razzbuffnik: oh those guys are still hanging out by Meiji Shrine and dancing.

    epicurienne: I think if there are cool clothes involved, it’s probably popular with someone in Japan.
    I haven’t really seen a Disco subculture around: I guess my observation might be correct. hee hee!

    Tammy: I missed the first 3 somehow.
    Maybe if I’m lucky … and very old … I will be living in the 50s one day.
    … 2050’s. hee hee!

    Tony: I think the average person doesn’t really change their dance style.
    … even dancing bears haven’t come up with any new moves.

  8. Sad, sad people!

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