Cars … Kind Of.

this things makes me laugh everytime I drive by it.


If this thing hit me while I was walking across the street,

… I’d be mildly upset and may backhand it into the curb … or eat one of its tires … if I was hungry.


note: what makes a car a car?

double note: as I opened my refrigerator door I realized that I must have been very drunk driving home last night.

triple note:Sorry,  no room for a family.


notes to myself #40

Up until 44 you only own 4 different vehicles. The first one is the newest … so you better enjoy it.

6 responses to “Cars … Kind Of.

  1. Looks like a wee bug. If you back hand it, it may be squashed. Would that be manslaughter or a public service?

  2. Oh, I want one! It looks like a little toy! CA is not ready for that, is it? LOL

  3. Looks like someone halved the value by removing the penny from the slot in the back.

  4. join the ranks of the Yugo, the pinto, the german “KA” and now the smart car. except this looks like the prototype for the smart car, the “dumb car”

  5. The back wheel looks smaller or is that a deception of the camera. However it is great to see you finally got a new car.
    Do you have to wind the key very many times to get the spring wound up enough

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    Oddly enough I’ve seen smaller cars on the roads over here.
    This one just makes me laugh because it’s so old and junky looking.

    note: answering people’s comments with a generic bulk reply isn’t very good, but it’s quick. It’s like bad fastfood … or something like that.

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