Uncollective Thoughts

  this place must think it's a golf course with such a big pond in the middle


My mind is really scattered.

I must be paying attention to stay away.


note: I need to adjust my autofocus a bit better.

double note: if I’ve put any weird comments on your blogs, it’s because I’m out of allsorts still.


notes to myself #37

The “Mickey Rat” t-shirt you order by mail never arrives. … but you do find one in a shop when you’re 35.


2 responses to “Uncollective Thoughts

  1. I had to look it up. I will pass! I never ordered one of these! Sorry~~~~

  2. Doraz: If there was no Mickey Mouse there would be no Mickey Rat.
    Parody is like parasites, game shows, and Catholics: it needs a host. hee hee!

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