Cardboard Display People

I took this photo in a hurry when no one was around.


It would almost be worth it to work at a movie theatre for the cardboard display stuff you could get for free.


note: the “cardboard cut out charity” needs your support.

double note: yes, I’ve seen “The Lonely Guy“.

triple note: planetross wants this cardboard display bad. I think after November 3rd it could be gracing my front entrance!

quadruple note: this is Nozomi Ohashi, the little girl who sings the theme song for “Ponyo“. I think everyone in Japan knows it. It’s quite catchy actually … like the flu!



notes to myself #38

Your brothers and sisters are going to call you “Walter” when you get the mumps. They will probably stop calling you that if you don’t get so mad about it.
… same goes for “Eggward“.

13 responses to “Cardboard Display People

  1. what’s the legal drinking age over there anyway? lol

  2. i’m assuming there’s some alternate translation for this song ? i think i’m lost in translation lol.

    why did they call you Walter?

  3. my brother used to call me *cu–t* i’d rather be called “walter” 😦

  4. I believe somebody has tampered with the sign she is holding.

    I often want to say “sorry” when getting too close to cardboard cut-out people, thinking they are real live people. They are sorta creepy.

  5. You could bring all those cardboard cutouts home and scatter them about the yard. The neighbors would love it! Free beer from a little girl? sounds risky. We have a mural here (on a bar wall, of course) that says “free beer tomorrow”. Recipe for disappointment, since tomorrow is always tomorrow…

  6. Why November 3rd? Do people have to pay for their beer on November 4th?

    Oh, by the way…today, my son said he wanted some ice creamed spinach. Sounded like a planetross word to me. 🙂

  7. Hi Eggward, are you gunna make Flat Nozomi Ohashi motorbike jump the canal too???

  8. Stella Le > I hope your not implying that Flat Tony isn’t a real live person???

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: the drinking age is 20, but it’s never checked.
    I guess they called me “Walter” because it made me angry. I’m sure they tried a few different names first until they found the one which produced the right effect.
    The song loses a little bit of it’s magic in the translation.

    S. Le: she’s advertising a Japan wide test of some kind. I usually give her a few eye pokes on my way into work.

    Donald Diddams: I think Annie sang a song about free beer tomorrow … or something like that.

    Tammy: that one made me laugh. The test she is advertising happens on Nov. 3rd.
    Children are a wealth of misinformation. hee hee!

    Tony: I’d need to find a pretty good bike for her … or invest in a massive computer screen!

  10. I am going to borrow Flat Nozomi for an up & coming “Flat Tony Friday” post

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