Worldly Things

When I said I liked "log cabins" I didn't mean this!


I have many worldly things, but I want other worldly things too.

… maybe I should have said “more”.


note: “nether regional accents” are really funny!

double note: there is no love in the “neither regions“.

triple note: Earth is very worldly.

quadruple note: I bet if you dropped a water balloon on Earth from the moon nobody would see that coming.

quintuple note: is there an “otherworld wide web” in operation somewhere? … or haven’t they invented computers and stuff there yet?


notes to myself #36

When you go to Disneyland at 8 years old, don’t be so gullible on the African Safari ride.

5 responses to “Worldly Things

  1. Maybe there’s an Underworld Wide Web – especially designed for criminals. Of course only stolen laptops could be used, and copyright law would be scoffed at.

  2. “nether regional accents” are really funny!

    Because they sound like farts?

  3. I am still laughing over the reference to that stupid ride at Disneyland that I fell for also. I tortured my 2 boys over it also…LOL 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tooty Nolan: criminal syndicates are against syndication too!

    razzbuffnik: probably they are farts. All farts are not funny though: some people have no sense of timing.

    Doraz: I think there was an individual boat ride too that my father tortured me with … as I headed for the waterfall.
    Why don’t little kids see the rails under the boats? It’s a mystery.

  5. All farts are funny, except when I get found out.

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