Musical Interludeness

I listen to songs while driving from here to there and over there sometimes. I usually change them up semi-non-regularly and I realized today that … “Hey! I wonder if some of my now favorite songs actually have videos to them“.

So here are the official videos/live performances/someone’s video with the song put together for a  few songs that I think have clever lyrics … or just because I like them.

WARNING: one is sexually suggestive, one is faded, one has a showboating kid in it, one has a showboating guy in a red/green shirt (my guess is he’s the drummer), and one is someone’s version of what the video should be.






note: Bloodhound Gang, John Hiatt, Billy Bragg, Brendon Benson, and Jack Johnson are all welcome to play charity concerts on Planetross for … ever … or for charity … or some other good cause anytime. 

double note: I’ve put on 2 entries tonight … the other one is more original, but less musical. Sometimes it goes like that: sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes seems irregular sometimes … or always.

triple note: I would have included David Franj’s video for Oxygen, but there isn’t anything. Here is “God Only Knows” as a runner up:


notes to myself #35

All the songs you love between 1977 and 1984 … you will love forever.

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