A Bad Striving Record

stairing into space


We are always told to try and live up to our full potential;

… but what does potential have to live up to?


note: I’ve been navel grazing again.

double note: if I reached my full potential, I’d probably be the ruler of the known universe … or disappointed … or something.

triple note: “impotential” sounds like something I don’t want to reach for.

quadruple note: I’m sure if we all reached our full potential there would be another hoop appearing ready to be jumped through.


notes to myself #34

KISS eventually take off their make up! … and then they put it back on a lot later … but it’s still really cool!  You eventually go to one of their concerts too!
I won’t say when … it’s a surprise.


3 responses to “A Bad Striving Record

  1. You may not be the ruler of the known universe but you are certainly the ruler of your own universe, or at least planet! That’s more than most of us can say!

    Whilst navel gazing have you seen other universes? Just asking!

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: there is either nothing out there … or I need better glasses … or I’m shallower than a diluted shadow.

    sweetiegirlz: I didn’t run up them singing the song or anything.
    Getting stronger“. hee hee!

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