3 Things I Believe

There is no nose on this mask.


– I believe all work and no play better make you rich.

– I believe grease is good for you … because so many good ideas couldn’t have come from a bad place … and John Travolta starred in the movie.

– I believe if you ever have a “cold fart”, it’s probably not a good thing.


note: nothing of note today …except that I’m still sick … but no “cold farts” … so that’s good.


notes to myself #33

When you are 8 years old, Mom is not going to let you take the human ear you find in the attic to school for “show and tell“.


14 responses to “3 Things I Believe

  1. wow, what a very convenient mask that boy has! lol. There was NO human ear, Tell me there was no human ear in your attic please. What the frak was a human ear doing in your attic? gross.

  2. If that mask has no nose, then what IS that??
    I’m still trying to figure out the concept of a “cold fart”.

  3. I think that kid is going to have to special order his pants.

  4. Well, I find all of this post to be very fartastic! 🙂

  5. Was that a typing error & it was meant to be Old Fart??? I am struggling to understand cold fart like Donald too.
    I can’t come to terms with a human ear in the attic either. Maybe you need the CSI team to shine little blue torches around your parents attic & test for DNA & stuff

  6. Tony makes some valid points! 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    The Ear: it was inside my father’s trunk in a little mint tin wrapped up in cotton. I came across it while I was exploring the attic.
    I think the story goes that my father’s roommate at medical school took it from one of the classes and my father ended up with it for unknown reasons.
    I like to believe that I am my father’s son in some things and he actually took it and thought it was cool … because it was pretty cool in a creepy way: was, is, always will be.
    It looked like a dried apricot from what I remember.

    I’d forgotten about the ear for so long, I’m glad I started doing these “notes to myself“.

    sweetiegirlz:frag“? Have you been watching Battlestar Galactica?

    Donald Diddams: I keep thinking about what a cold fart would be like … but the best I can come up with is that I really don’t want to experience one.
    I think it’s the little boy’s hoohoo … or penis … or dick.

    omawarisan: I special order my pants, but only so they reach my shoes … sadly.

    Doraz: hee hee! I’m into the fartastical sometimes.

    Tony: I was going to make a reference to “Old Fart” and “cold fart” but forgot about it later … or earlier than now.
    I guess reptiles may have cold farts in the morning before the sun comes up.
    Possibly I was talking to history with that ear, but it wasn’t listening.

  8. I’m trying to stop cussin’ frak /frag is my kind word. lol.

  9. Having found a human ear in your Dad’s belongings explains a lot about how you think. It’s sorta scary really!

    Hope you are feeling better by now. That’s what you get for hanging around with your students, aka germ factories.

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: I only watched one episode and thought I was being edited.

    S. Le: I have the perfect Little Rascals/Our Gang Froggie voice at the moment. Still sick, but functional … like a plastic puke or fake dog turd. hee hee!

  11. Never mind the cold farts, it’s the wet ones you have watch out for.

  12. razzbuffnik:sharting” is one of my favourite words. I think I first heard that term uttered by Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy Lyle in “Along Came Polly“.

  13. Now that made me laugh. Very fitting.

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