it would be a great name for a restaurant!  sadly this shop was selling super expensive crap at a little less than super expensive price.


No one usually starts out making leftovers

… they just sort of happen.


note: I’ll be right over for leftovers!

double note: the meal had subtle leftovertones to it.

triple note: leftovers are usually “dishporportional” somehow.

quadruple note: leftovers sound like a socialist thing.

quintuple note: leftunders are just leftovers that nobody wants to eat.

sextuple note:bereftovers” is food taken home after a funeral.

septuple note: we didn’t have leftovers at my house … just 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th helpings.


notes to myself #31

A lot of things you don’t like to eat now, you will like later … except brussel sprouts … I don’t think we will live long enough to truly like them.


8 responses to “Leftovers

  1. nothing better than leftover night at my house — we make a big buffet!

  2. I purposefully make enough for left overs for quick meals and in case Benny the Troll turns up hungry and growling.

    Bereftovers – what a wonderful concept!

    I agree completely with your note to yourself. I want to like those mini-cabbages but just cannot.

  3. I believe this story is leftover from the leftovers you consumed recently. 🙂

  4. Brussel sprouts cannot be liked no matter how long you may wait. God only created them so that turnips would have something to taste better than
    How come nobody ever has rightovers

  5. I may not be able to forgive you for making me think of Leftoverture.

  6. Lol! “Bereftovers” is clever.

  7. I believe that the Spanish for ‘leftovers’ is ‘Sobrante’. Now that does make a good name for a restaurant.

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    davis: I never have lefttover night … I use up all my night everyday … or … you know what I mean.
    When I eat leftovers at my place at least I know how sick I am going to be. hee hee!

    S. Le: I feel “usual” covers people like you. hee hee!
    Brussel sprouts and mashed yam with baked marshmellows on top were the only 2 things my mother never made me eat … probably because it was Christmas.

    Doraz: hee hee! actually I saw the sign and it made me think of leftovers for some reason.

    Tony: this God person seems to know things. hee hee!
    on Planetross brussel sprouts are just very small cabbage patch kids.

    pannonica: I can’t remember seeing that album cover: “Carry On Wayward Son” was always just on compilations of Greatest Rock Songs Ever for me.
    I think that one came out the same time as David Soul’s “Don’t Give up on us Baby“.

    grimescene: thanks. I didn’t have to dig too deep for that one either! hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: I’m sure “vomit” and ” head wound” sound pretty good in Spanish too! Spanish makes everything sound so edible: it’s like French but without Gerald Depardieu. hee hee!

    note: if I’ve offended people who like God, Gerald Depardieu, David Soul, or Cabbage Patch Kids; I haven’t meant too. I’m just jealous that they are all more popular than me and probably hungout with the cool kids at school.

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