Accepting Charges

this is not a phone


I bought a “Collect Calling Card”.


note: I’m ringtone deaf.

double note: a collect calling card would have saved Mr. Floyd a lot of trouble dealing with that operator.


notes to myself #28

When the car breaks down on a dirt road in Australia”s Kakadu National Park have patience; a mechanic will be by shortly to solve the problem. The alternative costs a lot of money.

8 responses to “Accepting Charges

  1. “shortly”
    Does that mean days, weeks, or months?

  2. How can you not like songs with a little play like that in them? Stevie Wonder – Living for the City?

  3. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere can cost a lot if you don’t have roadside assistance insurance.

    I totalled a car in the dessert near lake Eyre about 10 years ago and from that experience I can tell you from personal experience that it pays to have insurance.

    After I was checked out by the flying doctor at Willian Creek, we were transported all the way back to Sydney (two flights, and a stay in one those underground hotels in Coober Pedy) and met with a limo, all at the insurance companies expense.

    Good old NRMA.

  4. nice shot ur on a roll if you took it…

  5. How much is a collect call these days anyway? Does anyone still use that feature? I bet it cost $5 a minute to call collect. I use to call collect all the time in college…19-20 years ago. I can’t even remember the last time I talked to a live telephone operator. Do they even exist anymore?

  6. I’ve heard that Matadors accept charges

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Doraz: I think the mechanic came by about 15 minutes after I left the passengers to go waste 5 hours and $500.

    omawarisan: don’t forget Meatloaf!

    pannonica: it wasn’t the alternator … but that would have been very clever.
    The alternative … and what really happened involved hitchhiking back to a phone, calling a tow truck that took 2 hours to arrive, having the tow truck driver examine the engine block bolt that the mechanic/passerby tightened, and me moaning over the $500 coming off of my credit card.

    razzbuffnik: driving with the mechanic/owner of the car was my usual insurance policy in Australia.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks! I did. I usually don’t take photos of those lanterns because they are all over the place.

    Tammy: I haven’t made a collect call in about 10 years … and I think I just got the automated speak after the beep type service where you say your name.
    Collect calls are free! … to the person calling. hee hee!

    Tony: hee hee! There should be a credit card called “Toro”.

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