That’s Just Growth!

June 2005  October 2009


Why am I nice to children?

… because most of them will grow up and want to kick my ass if I’m not.


note: Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome or bone growth below the knees are speed bumps.
I have a few bumps on my head from mental growth … possibly.

double note: those pictures look like an old milk advertisement: Milk does a body good!

triple note: maybe I’ve just gotten considerably smaller in the last 4 years.

quadruple note: everyone changes but I remain the same.

quintuple note: I probably could find a photo of the two of us 8 years ago, but I’m lazy.
At 16 he must still be growing.


notes to myself #25

You will be 12 years old before you can pin your sister on the floor and torture her with long drools that almost touch her face.
It only happens once and then she looses interest in this competition for some reason.


14 responses to “That’s Just Growth!

  1. Wow. don’t you just love looking at retro pictures. It must be really great to have your students come back and say hello to you. very kewl.

  2. reference your quadruple note: I used to feel that way until I caught sight, one day, of a circular patch upon the crown of my head on CCTV. After that everything fell apart.

  3. When I saw those photos, I just laughed! One of my sons is 16 and already 6’2″! The student in the photos reminds me of him! How fun it is to see the kids “change!” Oh, yes…we do get shorter! 🙂

  4. Kids never forget those who really reach them. Congrats, that must be a great feeling.

    Don’t forget to put those two magnets away for the next time he comes back .

  5. I’ve seen lots of photos of kids in S. Korea and they make “peace signs” when having their picture taken. What’s up with that?

    You should always be nice to kids. And I’m sure you are. 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    sweetiegirlz: He didn’t come back! He still comes for lessons: 8 years!! He’s 16, so he’ll probably get off this Merry-go-round pretty soon.

    Tooty Nolan: I noticed my head in the video “Really Bad Things“! Shocking!!! There are a lot of things going on out of my view. hee hee!

    Doraz: I don’t have kids, so I only notice these things with long suffering students. He’s only 16, so I’m sure he will be a giant later on … or something.

    omawarisan: good eye with the magnets! I brought them out of retirement from the otherside of the whiteboard for the photo.
    I’ve taught him everything I know and he still knows nothing! hee hee!

    Tammy: most kids do the peace sign for photos: they don’t know that it is a peace sign … they just think it is cool for some reason.

  7. I’ve got two photos taken 7 years apart of me standing with a patient – she shrunk quite a bit between the ages of 93 and 100 🙂

  8. Whoa! Can you say growth spurt? I know you can!

  9. Well we should never forget our teachers , I remember all my teachers with their names right from kindergarden till high school !
    Your post is quiet meaningful .. ! Keep it up ..

  10. Hey man but you look same in both the pix…only that lil boy has grown up..but your looking young as ever ! 3 Cheers!

  11. Thanks for the comments.

    nursemyra: I see you over at Tacky Raccoon ‘s place all the time. Thanks for sticking your head in here. I will have to do the same.
    Getting taller is fun, but getting shorter is only a good thing if you’re in a circus or really don’t want to ride the rollercoasters anymore.

    S. Le: I don’t think I had a big growth spurt; I just sputtered most of the time. I’ve seen this kid in more casts over the years from skiing accidents, he must be either really good or really bad at that sport.

    Tasneem R: If there were no teachers there would be no students … and then where would we be? … probably not watching rowing on tv!!! hee hee!
    Maybe I’m a little taller in the last photo. hee hee!

  12. The wall hasn’t changed in all those years, nor the blue thing around your neck. It’s the meat pumped full of growth hormones that is making teenagers so darned big these days

  13. Or the hole in the ozone layer. The sun appears brighter due to that & like plants they naturally grow towards the sunlight

  14. Tony: sadly I’m in the same room as I’ve always been in with the same name card hanging around my neck like a dead albatross … except it’s lighter than an albatross … and not as smelly.

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