the blue eye of the storm


I have a predictionary: it tells me what might happen … but not in the right order.


note: I am unpredictionable: I don’t even know what might happen!

double note: when someone’s very unpredictable … that’s kind of predictable really.

triple note: predictionaries are like selective logging: not clear cut.


notes to myself #23

You miss the first month of  Grade 12 with mononucleosis, but you get out of taking Algebra … so it’s not all bad.

5 responses to “Predictionaries

  1. This post reminds me of the one about the “opposite of opposite” — that is, not clear cut at all. Except perhaps for that well-positioned spot of blue sky; now that is very clear.

  2. “double note: when someone’s very unpredictable … that’s kind of predictable really”

    Unless the person doing the act is tuned in to reality and just messing with us. LOL 🙂

  3. You got the choice of taking algebra or not? I wish I went to your school!

    Great pic, did you take it?

  4. amazing photo, I l-o-v-e it. please tell me you took it.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: I was going for a “prediction” and “pre-diction” wordplay with this one, but you are correct: only the blue sky is clear.

    Doraz: I hope you aren’t talking about me! … I try to be predictably random.

    razzbuffnik: I had to take Algebra the first year of high school, but the last year was optional: being sick for a month just made dropping out of it that much easier.
    Due to the system in place at the time, I only had to take 4 classes my last year of high school to complete it.
    It was like I wasn’t there at all most of the time. hee hee!
    You made me look at the photo again to make sure that I took it! … yes I took this one.

    sweetiegirlz: I took this one at a cemetary overlooking the city on the morning of the typhoon that didn’t really come.
    Mr. Pettit should have taken this photo instead … because his camera and skills are superior to mine.

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