Not Sure With Out Genetic Testing

I recycled them in to the garbage after I did this.



note: wordpress should just add “possibly unrelated posts” at the bottom of each entry.

double note:  I wonder what this entry will generate as related posts. I guess I won’t know until I post it!

triple note: there is a familiar resemblance between all of these post-it notes: I think they are related.

quadruple note: is it really a post-it note before you write anything on it?


notes to myself #12

When you murder that person at 32 make sure you clean off the fingerprints on their glasses; and don’t be so lazy digging that hole.
… I’m just messing with you! … 32 is a very good year.

7 responses to “Not Sure With Out Genetic Testing

  1. Hmmm… No related posts.
    Why are they called post it notes if you don’t post them. I call them sticky notes because they stick. They would be hard to post because once you put the stamp on there wouldn’t be much room to write the address & they would stick to other letters in the mail box

  2. Why did I think of the Scrabble game with this post? LOL 🙂

  3. You’re so right, possibly unrelated posts. they should get rid of that feature. I like your hee hee notes, i think i’m gonna write that on my (yellow) sticky notes at work tommorrow and stick them all over people’s desk. They’ll be saying “wtf?” all day wondering who’s laughing at them and why!

  4. Before you write on them, they are “Pre-It” notes.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: I only see the “possibly related posts” when I click on someone’s comment. This post’s possibly related posts were about genetic testing and Jewish women for some reason; but now 3 of them are my crap and one is someone else’s crap.
    If I leave you a message on a stick, is that a “sticky note” too? hee hee!

    Doraz: When I look at the picture I think about scrubbing off all the little red marker dots that soaked through those stupid post it notes and marked up the table.

    sweetiegirlz: that will keep them guessing. It could become a “happening” maybe.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I should have thought of that! (slapping hand to fourheads … not mine … just four random heads on people and stuff)

  6. Oh I see them now. I must have been here before they could figger out what was possibly related.
    I guess a sticky note is when you write in the wet sand at the beach with a stick

  7. The Jewish woman post was a bit dreary. I prefer your nondreary exciting posts

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