The Video: Really Bad Things

 Here is a little video Kelly Pettit  and I made.
It’s a mixture of the “Really Bad Things” series with a bunch of new ones thrown in too!



 note: a very very very very special “thank you” to Kelly Pettit  who did all the work on this one: director, producer, cinematographer, sound engineer, and most especially editor. I really couldn’t have done this with out his expertise in things I know nothing about.
He also carried half the pool table around with me looking silly for a few hours.
Kelly rocks!!!!

double note: I should have smiled more in this video.

triple note: Really Bad Things, More Really Bad Things, and Still More Really Bad Things are still being bad.


notes to myself #10

When you are 9 years old do not do Morris’ paper route for him. He’s not going to pay you; and him and his dad are douche b … oh! … you don’t know those words yet! … they are jerks.

18 responses to “The Video: Really Bad Things

  1. What? Just 4 “very’s” before the thank you? You take everything for granted! Just teasing.

    Hey man, don’t give me all the credit. It was a fun and strange journey. You have some crazy and original ideas in that head of yours and besides, what else was I going to do? It was a good time making this with you.

    Do you have enough tags? Just curious?

    What the camera doesn’t pick up however, is that it was like 37 degrees celcius and 100% humidity. You were sweating like an overweight man on a tredmill. We’ll have to do “Part 2” during the Fall.

  2. Thanks for the laughs this morning. U two crack me the L up… Nice cheating at pool. hee hee. Great locations. I like ur little dance at the end. Did you and Kelly draw a crowd making this video or what. Now you have me say youtuberculosis and screwing it up as well. U went ‘tag crazy’ while posting this didn’t you?

  3. OMG! That was fantastic!! Loved it! I play pool like you did on the beach. The victory dance at the end was inspired and a bit scary.

  4. Loved the vid until I started to think about what kind of mind produces such a long list of puns and word associations.

    When I thought about your list (I know you have one), I felt so normal.




  6. My jaw aches from constantly grinning. Why aren’t you on TV? Everyone should see this video. It should be mandatory.

  7. Is that your voice of Kelly’s. I somehow expected you to have an acquired Japanese accent. I thouroughly enjoyed thie video. Great work

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    I’ll let this one sit on top of the blog for the weekend … because I’m lazy … or busy … or have another “Kinder-Olympics” to attend.

    Kelly Pettit: thanks again for doing all the editing … and everything else.
    It’s probably a good thing that the camera doesn’t show the sweat; just me wiping it on my shorts and doing head twitches.
    Whenever I do this many tags, they never show up anywhere … or at least not for a month or so. I just like putting them in. I don’t know why I wrote that last part … because I’m sure I could tell you that important information today in person.

    sweetiegirlz: there was a rice farmer who drove over on his little motorbike to see what the hell we were doing. I think he thought we were dumping garbage or something. People driving over the bridge must have seen us, but no crowds were drawn during filming.
    I couldn’t say a few of the words: traumatador and tracheotomeandering didn’t come out at all. I notice I say “uroloGy string” instead of “euloGy string” as well: I guess they are close enough together! hee hee!

    S. Le: thanks! I’m not a naturally professional dancer. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: I don’t think I’d remember too many of them with out a list. I tried to keep these ones on the theme of body related stuff: diseases, physical problems, and death.

    Doraz: thanks. I’m sure I’ll pull out the pool table do another little video again someday.

    Tooty Nolan: I agree. it should be mandatory and let’s not forget womandatory!

    Tony: yes it’s my voice … and Kelly’s voice coaching me at the end. I’m glad you like the video.

  9. Awesome video! GO KELLY, GO KELLY!!
    You sound Canadian. hee hee!
    How fitting to use the Benny Hill theme. Now, I will no longer think of jiggly scantily clad girls dancing around an old man, but Ross playing pool on a bridge and dancing. HA!
    You should publish your words and do a book tour. Cool seeing you in your van at the end.

  10. I meant your voice OR Kelly’s
    I also meant to spell THOROUGHLY & THE correctly. It was late, I was tired. It’s a better excuse than admitting that I can’t spell. The Tasmanian education system has a lot to answer for

  11. I forgot to say I love the pool table out in the countryside. Great touch

  12. I also forgot to say that I had just as much trouble trying to say youtuberculosis too

  13. Ok.
    This is fall down great!


    My only recommendation would be to break it up into shorter, say, 2 minute, vids and just continue on adding to this series.

    PR– You are a unique soul and have friends to match.

  14. Thanks for the comments.

    Tammy: Kelly did a lot of work editing this and adding all the bells and whistles.
    I’ll still think of scantily clad women dancing around old Jackie when I hear that tune.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself in the van before Kelly filmed me … now that I think about it.

    Tony: I understood exactly what you wrote … maybe I was tired when I read it too!
    The pool table was my idea. I finally got some use out of that thing: it usually sits upstairs neglected.
    I think I’ve managed to say “youtuberculosis” properly once.

    w1kkp: thanks for the compliment. I agree the video could be shortened. I was thinking of doing a sequel “Really Good Things” with Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good” playing in the background, but I can’t think of that many “Really Good Things” for some reason.

  15. Had I known you could bust a move so gracefully, I would have insisted on going to a club! And taking photos!
    A video I love very very very much 🙂 especially the dance and the part about the youtuberculosis. Truly unique.

  16. nathaliewithanh: it’s all computer tricklelery, robo-ticks, and stunt triples.
    I’m glad you like the video.
    I’m good at loosely interpreted dancing! hee hee!

  17. FAN-FREAIN-TASTIC! You, my friend, have waaaaaay to much time on your hands. And I for one, am thankful for that!

    BTW, you and Kelly get extra points for including “Yackity Sax” in the closing.

    Seriously, that was both fun and disturbing.

    -Turkish Prawn

  18. Turkish Prawn: thanks!
    It only took a few hours to film, but the editing was all Kelly … and he has far less time on his hands than I do.

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