Something Telepathy

 moat and van


“Sacra monu senti
Tempera govern experi
Develop orna detri” 

… sorry

I’m just being … mental!


note: it looks like a spell I’m going through!

double note: Latin? … Latout I say!

triple note: my van is none of those things! … maybe a little sentimental.


notes to myself #9

When you are 28 take your own camera to Europe: Simon likes to stick his fingers in to pictures.

2 responses to “Something Telepathy

  1. The van of cuteness appears again. Does it have a name???

  2. Tony: I think the owner before me had a name for it, but I’ve forgotten it. I’ll have to ask them about it.
    I like to think of it as a Clint Eastwood “nameless rider” who comes into town and kicks ass on all the bad guys … and hangs out with Clyde the Orangutan … or something like that.

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