What's that "harking" over there?


I think I’m “wise” beyond my years:

… possibly counterclockwise.


note: record levels of “counter productivity” are being recorded on planetross lately.

double note: I wish I was on the Space Station … because then I’d never be under the weather.  

triple note:This Year’s Best Photograph” will be the next entry!


notes to myself #7

Mom hid your Nerfball in the liquor cabinet.

6 responses to “Wise

  1. It looks to me like that guy has some serious issues! 🙂

  2. wouldn’t being counterclockwise take you back in time to an era before blogging existed???

  3. Most of what I do is counter-productive. It seems normal to me.

    The space station would need “anti-gravity” in order to be under the weather so you may want to look into building one for the people of Planetross. Plus then you could live out your new theme song!

  4. The space station would also give you a great overview.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: he’s actually looking across the city at the Aizu-Wakamatsu castle. Him and 18 other boy samurai/white tigers all committed suicide when they thought the castle was being burned down during the Boshin War.

    I visited the graves a few weeks ago. There are also 2 foreign monuments in the same place from:
    (1) Nazi Germany
    (2) Fascist Italy

    Tony: I’ve tried walking backwards, but I don’t get any younger.

    S. Le: hee hee! Is there anyone in the world called “Auntie Gravity“?

    razzbuffnik: hee hee! “… in space nobody can hear you ‘hee hee!’

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