Opportunally Eternalistic

 no hand reaching down today


People keep throwing rocks through my window of opportunity.

Someone stole the pie I had cooling on that window ledge too!


note: shouldn’t opportunity “tap” instead of “knock” … if it’s a window?

double note:last chance!” … when was my “first chance“?

triple note: the best chance is somewhere between slim and fat


notes to  myself #5

You won’t need glasses until you’re 40 … no matter what you do.


8 responses to “Opportunally Eternalistic

  1. What does it mean when someone says ” I was thinking to myself “?
    Who else can you think to, unless your psychic powers are that strong……..

  2. After 40, you will need the hell out of them.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Bonnie Luria: When someone is “thinking out loud”, it just sounds like talking to me.

    omawarisan: hee hee!

  4. You know they always just say “opportunity knocks” but they don’t say where! Could be a door, a window or it could mean something like opportunity blows or opportunity sucks! Hmmm… I’ll have to think about this some more.

    But, if it is a window of opportunity, just think of the money you could make off it!

  5. S. Le: I think open windows are probably better windows of opportunities. hee hee!

  6. The pie probably wasn’t worth eating because the broken glass would’ve got in it

  7. Tony: I know that you’re not reading my tags now! hee hee!

  8. Aha a cow pie. OK so a nice beef pie but I still wouldn’t eat it in case of the broken glass that might cut my mouth on

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