A Peasant Post

yes it is my handwriting! ... I'm not so good with my feet.


note: do you get the title? … this entry won’t be getting any royalties.


notes to myself #2

In Grade 11 don’t keep asking Amy out on dates: she’s a lesbian.


7 responses to “A Peasant Post

  1. This archaic communication method makes your nose look overly large

  2. No. I don’t. Do you get this answer?

  3. Tony: Oh! It’s not me; it’s just my drawing. I’ve drawn this on every scrap of student work for over 9 years. I change it up though: 3 eyes, 4 nostrils, curly hair, …
    Kids love it! … or else they’re very good at humoring me.

    S. Le: it’s got all those facey things on the face … I have those!
    I just thought that the post had “no title” … so it wasn’t royalty … so it must be a peasant/pleb/joe sixpack/anyone not born into an overly aggressive militaristic family a bunch of generations ago which have become legitimized over time.

    note: I still like Queen Elizabeth the 2nd though! … go figure!

  4. I can tell by your handwriting that you are left handed, though I already knew you were left handed.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: usually when someone has to explain something to me it’s not so “ha ha” anymore either.

    Tammy: I think my handwriting is quite straight … possibly the paper was on an angle.

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