Stereotypical Topography

... and why is Canada always pink??


I’m tired of being a Mountie or an Inuit on these maps! 

I can’t speak for people in the U.S.A., …  but they should have all  “The Village People” on their section at least, not just a couple.

I looked on an old map of North America* and there weren’t any of these things.
*(there were some Aztecs on Mexico though … but just a few)

I guess the old maps would have been too crowded with  little people wearing Native, Inuit, English, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, and ….   outfits.

… I’m glad they went back to their own countries and left North America to the North Americans. 

… but the Mountie an Inuit still bother me.


note: I’m doing my best to fit in to Japanese stereotypes.

I guess I'll stick to being a Mountie


double note: there should be a band called “The Global Village People” … I bet they’d rock! … and be dressed in amazingly clashing outfits!

triple note: on planetross people just dress … casually.
Foreplay is just called threeplay for some reason.

quadruple note: if I’ve offended anybody, I haven’t meant to: I was going for everybody. hee hee!

9 responses to “Stereotypical Topography

  1. Sorry, haven’t maps gotten around to being Politically correct? If not, California and Texas should have the little Mexico guy on it by now… just sayin’.

    P.S. you look very Suave in your Japanese thingie. (hehe I know it’s not a “thingie” )

  2. Why don’t I see any YMCAs listed on that map?

  3. Dare I ask whether they remembered to put a teeny tiny Maori on New Zealand? Or an aboriginal fake turd-thrower on Australia?
    Dig the kimono look. V becoming in a Ross sort of way.

  4. Yeah, and I’m tired of the old “cowboys and Indians” thingy as well! I’m neither one, thank you! I don’t like being pigeon-holed! Did that sound dirty to you? Sorry!

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: I went to a castle last weekend and a lot of women were lined up to have their photos taken in this thing. There were no men doing it, but I’m a trend setter sometimes.

    I think California and Texas had little Spanish guys on them in my old maps for some reason! hee hee!

    Dennis the Vizsla: the Mountie has started it … but “M”, “C” and “A” are missing.

    Epicurienne: my co-worker is a Kiwi and commented on the fact that the Maori was actually standing on Antarctica!

    S. Le: it sounds dirty now that you mention it.
    Are people from Indiana called “Indianians” … because that’s just confusing … and silly.

  6. Hey Mountie guy I am curious to know what or who is standing on Tasmania
    Is your thingie a Japanese santa suit????

  7. Tony: nothing was on Tasmania … but I’d put a guy in a bumblebee rugby shirt on it, if it was up to me. hee hee!
    Maybe if Santa was into wearing drag …….ons.
    double hee hee!

  8. What’s this stuff about Mountie, Inuit and Japanese? I thought you were an astronaut. You know…your new movie. Cool name too, Planet 51. Not sure why they didn’t call it Planetross. They did a great job animating you. hee hee!

  9. Tammy: I’m always animated! hee hee!

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