swirly whirly stuff in Hiroshima


Everything sorts itself out eventually,

… except for socks.


Hey! I don’t make this stuff up!

Okay, maybe I do … if you’re going to get all technicolored on me.


note: “eventually” is a long time … it’s just before infinity.

double note: I’ll be here when “infinity” is finished … I’m from Tralfamadore  originally.

triple note:outfinity” is just a bit longer than “infinity“.

quadruple note: I talked to someone who visited “infinity” … they wouldn’t shut up about it!

quintuple note: can  you see me in this photo?  … black “planetross t-shirt” and holding a camera! I think my sister is tucked in there somewhere too!

sextuple note: I may have put on 3 entries tonight. Can you double check? … I could be wrong; I usually am.




6 responses to “Everything

  1. Brilliant sculpture! Love it. Ever so much better with you and your sister swirling around it.

    I only wish laundry would sort itself! What a time saver!

  2. Now I can say I have seen “everything!”

  3. I saved the piccie to My Pictures, blew it up – and there you were – sort off. Couldn’t see your sister though.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I had another photo of the same thing but with a women in a Kimono in it, but I liked this one better.
    I like doing laundry: it’s my small part in the order out of chaos chain of things. It just involves pushing a few buttons and then hanging things … oh my god! I sound like an executioner!

    Doraz: seeing “everything” leaves nothing to the imagination. I’d rather see nothing … except for the odd naked bit. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: my sister’s in the lighted middle part … where she thinks she is! hee hee!
    I’m waiting for my new credit card to purchase important stuff over at your blog.

  5. I thought Tralfamadore must’ve been your hometown in Mountie Land but Wikipedia has put me straight, again… Without the oracle of all knowledge I would be dumb
    The sculpture is causing havoc with my brain

  6. Tony: if you are a reader “Slaughterhouse- Five” is a Kurt Vonnegut classic. The movie is a bit weird, but it has Valerie Perrine’s breasts in it … so that makes it all better … but she’s 66 now, so that even creeps me out.

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