Dream Catchers

crappy air freshener! It smells like feathers!!


Why do people like Dream Catchers?

They look more like Dust Catchers to me.


note: my Dream Catcher doesn’t work … because it’s still here.

double note: I want a Nightmare Catcher … and after it has caught a few, I’ll stick it in the Garbage Catcher.

triple note: a Dream Trap doesn’t sound so nice … but a Rat Catcher on a bicycle sounds dreamy!

quadruple note: I think I saw a cat cough up a Dream Catcher a few weeks ago.

quintuple note: I work with a Cold Catcher.

sextuple note: the owner of this car can’t be all bad … they’ve got South Park stuff as well.


http://humor-blogs.com/  … only 2 more weeks of this and then I’ll have to put something else down here.


6 responses to “Dream Catchers

  1. 1. Don’t know
    2. I agree
    3. Good idea
    4. I want to see that one!
    5. My cats could go into business
    6. I don’t work with you but my coworkers also have caught colds. Not from me! We all got them at the same time.
    7. They should go with one theme and stick with it.

  2. I must say – yours is the most oblique humour that I’ve ever encountered. It keeps catching me out. Stream of Consciousness right?

  3. Is your dream catcher that doesn’t work still under warranty???

  4. Ever seen one of those in a nice car? Me neither.

  5. I see you’re not planning to pony up the $20 to be listed on Humor-Blogs either …

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: you made me scroll like I was in the Dead Sea … or something. I’m enlightened and dizzy … I think they are kind of the same really.

    Tooty Nolan: it’s a “stream” of something. hee hee!
    I think I’m conscious when I write these things.
    I looked up “oblique” … just to make sure that you weren’t slagging on me.
    Thanks! That’s the nicest thing almost anyone has ever said to someone like me.
    I’ve said this before, …. but, I don’t know where this stuff comes from: it just comes out at irregularly regular intervals.
    I’m definitely not trying very hard … or not at all.

    Tony: the manufacturer went out of business … or set up their stall in another town … or something.

    omawarisan: thanks for stopping by. I’ve never been in a nice car 😦 I haven’t seen any from the outside either!

    Dennis the Vizsla: I think I’ve received 1 comment that was humorblogs driven over the last 18 months. To tell the truth, it’s just something to put at the bottom of a post to even it out a bit. I may go Sergio Aragones (Mad Marginals) and just put old twitter stuff down there instead.

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