Disposition Is Much Better

one of the 5 Goshiki-numa ponds in Fukushima


At work I sometimes think “I don’t want to be here today!”

When this happens, I move over a few steps and then things are usually better.


note: usually those “few steps” don’t take me to a window ledge.

double note: I don’t work in this pond; it’s just a photo of somewhere I went last weekend.

triple note: I work in a basement … so there aren’t any windows to daydream out of.



5 responses to “Disposition Is Much Better

  1. I wouldn’t want to work in a basement although it would cut down on teachers trying to jump to their deaths. Working in a basement may explain some of your thoughts, skewed as they are. On second thought, maybe I should work in a basement so I could be as clever as you! Your thought pattern amazes and amuses. You should be studied. Papers should be written.

    (when did this become a blog post?)

  2. wow. is the water really that kinda of light blue in your lakes. I’m amazed.

  3. Beautiful lake/pond/water holding catchment or whatever they are called in Japan. I didn’t get the disposition either till Sue/SallySusan/Sarah/Samantha etc pointed it out

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I don’t think of too many things in the basement … just how to get out of the basement!
    I’m really not very clever at anything that matters … I’m just silly … or at the worst … stupid.
    If you like it, that’s your fault. hee hee!
    Thank you very much for the compliment. 🙂

    note: I don’t think w1kkp will catch that smiley face 🙂

    double note: I kind of like doing the “hee hee!” thing for some sick reason!

    sweetiegirlz: each different lake/pond/marsh at this place was a different color: green, blue/orangey. It’s a cool place to walk around for an hour or so.

    Tony: my hunch is … S. Le‘s last name is Esley … or something like that … but that’s just me … I’m hunching all over the place usually.
    The ponds were all different colors: very cool!

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