Half a Name

over the river and through the fields to Obaasan's house we go!


Sting, Pink, Madonna, Cher, Meatloaf, and Bono wouldn’t be very anonymous at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

My name is _________ and I’m an alcoholic.”


note: these people are on a first name basis with everyone.

double note: Brazilian soccer players do have 2 names … it’s just that the other one sounds funny.

triple note: if I changed my name to “Amen” it could get confusing at church.

quadruple note: maybe I’ll change my name to “Stupid” … and sue those t-shirt people.

quintuple note: Why didn’t William Shakespeare have a Pen Name? … did he write his stuff with a pencil or something!

sextuple note: The photo has nothing to do with anything: I just like this view.



10 responses to “Half a Name

  1. Caesar, Pele, Nanook, Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Oprah, Moses, Jesus, Barrack, etc. The list goes on:

    “Hello. My Name’s Bunk.”
    “YOU’RE HIM?!”

  2. …and let’s not forget Gandhi!

  3. I had a sort of Spooner moment when I read the first line of this post. At first, I thought I saw:


    It’s almost like some kind of surreal beat poem.

  4. Visorman is all one word too, you can’t forget Visorman. He’s up there with the best of them

    @ S. – Insect like???

    • Yeah. I’m thinking a large green beetle of some sort. I’m half expecting his van to sprout wings and fly off into the universe surrounding Planetross.

  5. Ringo. Satchmo. Waldo. Bilbo. Gandalfo.

  6. Handmade Aboriginal Fake Turdo.

  7. Imagine how famous William Shakespeare might have become if he’d only changed his name to William Shatner!

  8. Thanks for all the comments!
    I should go away more often.

    Bunk Strutts: half of the names you’ve written are only half of the names: even Caesar had his fullname in his passport … “Caesar Salad“!
    … I’ll give you Pele and Moses though.

    S. Le: I can never forget Ben Kingsley … I mean Gandhi.
    The van is insect like! … I haven’t cleaned the front window for a while.

    razzbuffnik: groovy … I’ll snap my fingers to that.

    Tony: how can I forget Visorman!
    The van could fly like a butter … something, but it chooses to remain on the ground. It has something to do with “insectidecide” … or something like that.

    Bunk Strutts: I’ll concede on “Waldo“.

    Tooty Nolan: that actually crossed my mind when I wrote this. I guess there aren’t too many Williams in my mind.
    I thought William Shakespeare might have gone by Quilliam Shakespeare … but that’s just silly.

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