Back In Business!

hey! hey! the gangs all here!



All experiments are back up and running!
… as opposed to backed up and standing still.

Everything dead, done, or disintegrating has been replaced!

From left to right: Mr. Lower Back (still limping a long), new Egg Pod, Sabotanyoki/007/old Nyoki’s Brain, new Crystals, ?????!

So if you really care, check out their updated pages (up in the header or over on the side … I never know where people are looking).

I’ve changed the titles because … even I was getting confused. Now they are just
X1. Mr. Lower Back

X2. Egg Pod
X3. Sabotanyoki/007
X4. Crystals

The Bulbs!

The newest addition: “X5. Bulbs”!


This was the “Important Mission” … if you were wondering.



note: it appears I do have too much time on my hands S. Le !

double note: I think the woman at the shop where I buy these things likes me! … or just thinks I’m a weirdo … or something.


10 responses to “Back In Business!

  1. I actually think they are all brilliant! Of course I’m known for liking the off beat, weird stuff in this world and others. Even the stuff on Planetross! The X-5 bulbs are a bit disconcerting. Are they indigenous to Planetross or are they imported?

  2. Quite an impressive group of “experiments”. Judging from the weird sculptures you find all over Japan, the woman in the shop probably thinks you’re just a normal guy… I mean, what else could she think. She sells this stuff after all!

  3. This post makes me happy for some reason. Maybe it’s all of the googly eyes.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I think the “Bulbs” are something called “European Clover” imported from … somewhere. They are growing faster than all my cactuses/cacti put together!
    planetross must have good microcosmic soil.

    Donald Diddams: I think if I’d bought the peanut growing kit as well … she might have asked for my phone number!

    Tammy: googly eyes make everything better … except food. hee hee!

    note: I like when all the “possibly related posts” are my stuff. It makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

  5. Mr. Lowerback looks a bit better than last time I checked. He is still my favourite.

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    S. Le: you made my daze. hee hee!

    Tony: I think he’s half Vulcan: he’s living long, but not prospering.

  7. these experiments, they look cute!

    This post made me smile,thanks.

  8. lori78: thanks! your comment made me smile too!

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