4 responses to “No Pain No Game

  1. Drink enough Scotch and you will find yourself on the rocks.

    Note: Those rocks will rock if you try to hop on them.

  2. You are sooooo funny. I like how you put hee hee on there by the one with the rock on the rock. It’s kinda like a having a visual laugh track to a sitcom.

    Come here and play chalk in the driveway with me, we have big flat, driveways here, perfect for drawing.

  3. And people with strong ankles.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: hee hee!
    I’m not a player; I’m just a linesman.

    sweetiegirlz: I drew the “hee hee!” last. I’m all about order.

    Dennis the Vizsla: this play area is only for people with no ankles!

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