Paying For Sex

I'm buying a camper and will see what the neighbours do!


I think all males pay for sex at some time in their life.

It’s perfectly natural and I don’t see why some people think this is such a horrible thing.

Personally I pay for sex regularly: sometimes 10 to 20 times a day.


Oh! …  did I say pay for sex?

… I meant pray for sex.


note: if praying is bad, then I’ll just wish.

5 responses to “Paying For Sex

  1. I’ll pray on your behalf
    Hail Mary full of grace please give Ross sex…
    No sorry that just doesn’t seem proper…
    Our Father who art in heaven please can Ross have…
    No sorry that don’t seem proper either. I think it’s best if you just keep paying

  2. I can’t see the connection to the photo, unless it’s a church or a brothel

  3. Tony: there’s no connection to the photo. It’s just a cool looking tree shaped over the nextdoor neighbours driveway.
    I don’t have any good photos about paying or praying for sex … surprisingly!

  4. Is this where I can mention NYC’s newest sensation?

    I dunno. Seems like it goes. Right? Maybe I’m just drunk.

  5. 2 Week’s Notice: that is classic! … in a bizzaro sort of way. I don’t think I’ll be buying their calendar though. hee hee!

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