Looking On A Less Than Darker Side

It will kick your ass ... in a while



note:  it’s $50 to fix … and imagination is free … so I’m going with the latter.

double note: I wish my side mirror would break so I wouldn’t have to look at it though.

triple note: looking back while driving forward is like reviewing stuff from a different angle. 

quadruple note: “I’ve been there! I know what I saw!”




6 responses to “Looking On A Less Than Darker Side

  1. Transformers …… less than meets the eyyyyye ….

  2. AAARRGGHHH!!!! VanBot. Run away AAIIIEEEE!!!

    Oh BTW if you want your side mirror broken invite S. Le to Japan & she can reverse it into the garage. And I do mean INTO the garage…

  3. Hey Tony! No fair insulting me on other people’s blogs!!

  4. Uh Oh… Caught out big time….

  5. Thanks for the comments. Sorry for not visiting everyone’s blogs more thoroughly, I’ve been preoccupied with whatever comes before occupied … or something like that. Maybe I’ve just been vacant.

    Dennis the Vizsla: hee hee!

    S. Le: I though someone might mention your side mirror episode when I wrote that. Tony gets 2 points deducted for bad form. hee hee!

    Tony: busted!!!

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