Gag Reflexpectations

I've kept all my Ya Yas in ... forever!!!!!


Eternal Ecstasy … is a pretty big pill to swallow.


note: eternal anything must have an after taste in it somewhere.

double note: if you are eaten by a Raptor, does that classify as rapture?

triple note: “my ex Stacy was intense … but there was no joy”

quadruple note: I don’t know anyone called Stacy, I just made that up. … but if she’s got a Mom, I bet she’s got it going on! 

quintuple  note: the thing in the photo is just across from the other thing with the long snout I put on here.

4 responses to “Gag Reflexpectations

  1. Gah! Those sculptures are like a bad trip! It’s somewhere between a… a …. My God! I have no idea what it’s between, but if I found my self between them I’d run right through the plate glass window to escape!
    -Turkish Prawn

  2. and ya know they both look like something my ten year old would have sitting up on her bed. lol. move over stuffed animals, here’s some stuffed…uh…stuff.

  3. Golly gosh Mr. Lowerback certainly has grown

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: that’s the last of them … except some strange fish/eye mobile things hanging on the ceiling above these things … but I took a pretty crappy photo of them, so you are safe.

    sweetiegirlz: there was a little yellow brick road separating the 2 as well.
    I just have regular pillows on my bed; that thing would scare the crap out of me every morning.

    Tony: Mr. Lowerback is still alive barely. If he turned into that thing, I might have to call the Men in Black!

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