A Lifetime of Doodling

so this is where those stupid kids came from!


Someone has been doodling on my “Tabula rasa“!


note: I know if “nature” calls I will answer, but if “nurture” calls tell them I’m busy.

double note:blank rastas” are everywhere!
                                They should “dread Locke“!

triple note: I think all people are innately and inherently people when they are born. I could be wrong; I was told since birth I usually am.
hee hee!



5 responses to “A Lifetime of Doodling

  1. Doodling? Looks like they’ve been cabbaging to me.

    My advice, if nature calls, take some toilet paper.

  2. If nature calls? does she have an iphone now?

  3. I solved this problem by getting mu self a Tabula Erasa’

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. I’m with Razz, it certainly looks more like a serious case of cabbaging. Are you sure they weren’t Planted Ross by your Arch Enemy Visorman???

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I seem to be getting slower and slower with the replies. I must have a “reasonal disorder” … or something.

    razzbuffnik: good advice.

    Fantasia Lillith: hee hee! thanks for stopping by.

    Turkish Prawn: I like that one! It would be like an Etch a Sketch: just do a handstand and lose your memory.

    Tony: Visorman isn’t my Arch Enemy: Rocks in My Shoeman is! hee hee!

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