clouds cloud my judgement: I think I am solar powered.


On Sunday I was Icarus: I flew toward the sun and ended up in the ocean.

Actually, I escaped the cloudy skies of home and found a sunny day 2 hours away at the beach; but it sounds so much better when I throw in that Greek Mythology stuff.

… I think I have a Minotaur imprisoned between the screens and windows in the livingroom too!


note: I live on the wrong side of the clouds some days.

blue sky miner


double note: Daedalus should have made some wax parachutes to go with those wax wings.

triple note: I’m working on a little video, so I may not be around too much this week.



3 responses to “Icarus

    I don’t like that falling feeling, I’d rather just drive to the beach
    Icarus, Icarus, flying made him Sickarus

  2. I think Icarus shouldn’t have burnt that candle at both ends. Either that or he should have saved the wax for making candles and bothered caterpillers for their silk instead.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: it costs me about $100 U.S. to go to the beach for the day (roadtolls and gas). Everytime I leave home on a cloudy day and find it sunny at the beach is like winning the lottery. I guess if I lived at the beach it would be like being a casino owner.

    S. Le: The story of Icarus is a lot like that of The Karate Kid: “Wax on, wax off“. hee hee!

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