Sitting Down Unknowingly

I am a rock. I am an eyeland!


I think my body is slowly sitting down by itself.


note: it’s possibly involuntary musical chairs … or something.

double note:  “Sorry, this seat is taken.”

triple note: the statue in the photo has nothing to do with anything that I know of :  … it’s titled “Wisdom“.

quadruple note: I wasn’t sure what angle I should use, so here are the others:

here's looking at you kids!

Cyclops was a pussy!










 quintuple note: I guess there are more angles, but I’m from the “triangle” school of photography: I shoot straight … and sometimes isosceles, if I’m obtuse.
… or maybe 3 angles are enough … or something.


6 responses to “Sitting Down Unknowingly

  1. All in favour say eye.
    Looks like the eye’s have it…

  2. Okay, that thing is just freaky. Is it looking at me? It’s looking at me isn’t it?

  3. Okay, let’s suss this out:
    2 eyes = 3 dimensional viewing, so
    6 eyes = 9 dimensional viewing, so

  4. Wow – I can’t decide between creepy or fascinating.

    and from the title I thought you were bemoaning an osteoporosis problem.

  5. Thanks for the comment.

    Tony: I haven’t seen that many eyes on one thing since I got the extra pieces for my Mr. Potato Man!!

    Dennis the Vizsla: yes it is!

    Bunk Strutts: I think Ozzy was singing about this at the beginning of “Crazy Train“.
    eye, eye, eye, eye, eye eyeeeee!!

    David: it’s art … so it can be both creepy and fascinating!!
    actually I thought of the post while looking in the mirror foolishly! hee hee!

  6. airaisane: thanks for your comments. When I clicked on your blog, the virus alert on this computer went crazy. You may have some bugs in your system.

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