Team Sports

Kids always make soccer balls look so big!


When I was a kid I played soccer. Every Sunday from September to June was spent at the Sherman Road soccer fields or random fields in the next city playing other teams with names like the Gordon Head Tom’s House of Pizza, Langford Rovers, Esquimalt Rangers, Saanich Hotspurs, …

I was on the Loyal Order of the Moose team myself; before that I was a Sons of Norway player.      I still consider myself a “Moose” though.

Some players on the team changed from year to year, but the core 8 or 9 players were the same over the 10 years I played.

We were mediocre for the first few years, but after that we usually did pretty well.

When I was 12 years old, 3 or 4 players from our team were invited to join a new “A” team.  

We chose to stay with our team.

… and every year after that we were invited to join this supposed “A” team.

… and every year none of us joined the supposed “A” team.

… and every year our team beat the crap out of this supposed “A” team when we played them.

I guess we were more interested in “team sports” than being just a “sports team”.


note: there is no “I” in “team“, but there are 3 in “individual sports” rather a lot really.

double note: professional sports are a business: I guess that’s what happens when adults are involved.

triple note:

quit your dribbling!

6 responses to “Team Sports

  1. Soccer Ball Babies! What a hoot! I sure do want to kick ’em… right in the butt. Could do a lot to bleed off the aggression.

  2. Whoops… Soccer BAWL Babies!

  3. OMG! You were a MOOSE!?!?

    I was back visiting my old home town last week and was shocked to see that “The Moose Hall” as we called it had closed. So sad!… I think. Honestly, I never set foot in the place, but I always liked seeing the big, illuminated “Loyal Order of Moose”sign out front. It was a fixture of my childhood as well. I just never played soccer.

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Look at the legs on that guy! Looks like a human spider.

    Thanks for sharing about your soccer days. I imagine it was great fun for you.

    It’s amazing what artists come up with to make isn’t it? As a mommy, no kicking the bawl babies, they’re too cute! You got any Soccer Bawl teenagers? hmmn?

  5. Loyal Order of the Moose, sounds like one of those lodge thingys that Fred Flinstone was in. Were you the Grand Poobah???

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Donald Diddams: soccer bawl baby in the top right hand corner of the net! … baby!!!
    Throw ins would be nice too!

    Turkish Prawn: I think the Moose Lodge in my hometown is still there … not sure really. I think I only visited it twice: the first time was to receive the team jackets they bought for us (incredibly yellow jackets with a big moose emblem on the front … I couldn’t wait to grow out of that one!), the second time was at 17 with a few friends (we didn’t have enough money to buy beer so we went to the bingo night to see if we could win big and finance the evening). I think one of us won enough for a 12 pack!

    sweetiegirlz: for work I hung out with 44 ten to twelve year old boys for a day. Getting paid to run around having waterfights and playing kickbase all day didn’t seem so bad … until the sunburn and back spasms kicked in the next day.

    Tony: that was the Loyal Order of the Waterbuffalo Lodge you are thinking off.
    I was just on the soccer team … they didn’t let me drink with them or anything. hee hee!

    note: I thought someone would comment on the supersized soccer ball. It was actually way over regulation size.

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