vampires aren't very reflective


I guess being a vampire would suck.

You’d spend your whole life not being able to see the back of your head in mirrors.


note: I don’t think vampires look on the brighter side of anything.

double note:My Newest New Experiment” died tragically … or died somehow. Nyoki is dead, but Sabotanyoki is alive and well. If you haven’t been following this on going saga, you can always click here.

triple note: I’m hungry now, so you can stop watching the skies.

quadruple note: I guess vampires’ shadows don’t reflect in mirrors either. It’s probably a good they can’t see themselves in mirrors because they probably don’t like how they look in them usually … like the rest of us.

5 responses to “Vampires

  1. Living on nothing but blood?


    I wouldn’t want to be a Massai for pretty much the same reason. That and the killing a lion with a pointy stick thing as well.

    Come to think about it, Massai would make excellent vampire slayers.

  2. Werewolf’s your reflection dude?

    Vampires are like my job, they suck the life out of me (like you’ve never heard that before)

    – speaking of which (witch) I’d hate to be a comedian vampire because probably all the other Vampires most likely know the punch line to every joke you tell since you’ve all been around so long.

  3. Very sad about Nyoki. Good you could do the brain transplant. You must be a brain specialist! “Anesthetic!!”

  4. You must live on the border of two time zones because it’s 9:30 & 2:30 at the same time

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    razzbuffnik: leeches, mosquitoes, and vampires: 3 things that really are uninvited guests at a picnic. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit:Werewolf’s your reflection dude?
    hee hee!
    My job is more like a mosquito: it just sucks a bit and then I slap at it until it explodes … or I miss it and wait for it to buzz around my ears.

    S. Le: “This won’t hurt a bit … or at least you won’t remember it! … hee hee!

    Tony: It’s another photo from the trick art museum! I got you good! hee hee!

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