Out Of Order

out of business ... go do your business elsewhere


I’m sorry I can’t play poker with you.

My playing cards are “out of order”

… and the repairman hasn’t shown up yet.


note: things that are “out of order” are inconsequential … or maybe not.

double note: this bathroom is definitely not “out of odor“.

triple note: a locked up toilet is just a big waste!

quadruple note: I like the tags for this one. … but I always do, so don’t look if you don’t want to. It’s no big deal.

quintuple note: I sense more posts coming tonight: watch the skies.




3 responses to “Out Of Order

  1. Fecal finger of fate is just really gross! I’m filing a complaint with the Canadian consulate! It would probably just be a “waste” of my time. It just isn’t in the cards.

  2. Hey I looked at the tags even though I usually don’t. I played poker in the toilet once & got a flush

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: you put your finger on the tag I thought was funny … now go wash your hands.

    Tony: I don’t play poker in the toilet … just solitaire and concentration.
    You should look at the tags always … I hear something bad will happen if you don’t.
    … maybe that’s mattress tags.

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