Time Machinations

I put some money in her cup, but she didn't move at all! Stupid street performer!


If I had a time machine, I’d go back to about 3 minutes ago

… because I really liked the song I just heard on the radio.


note: nobody wants a parsley, sage, or rosemary machine; always a thyme machine!

double note: actually if I had a time machine I’d go back to a few minutes before I took this photo, so I could wait until after the women who laughed at me while I took this photo had walked by before I took this photo.



9 responses to “Time Machinations

  1. you could also use info from 3 minutes in the future to win at the horseraces

  2. I wish I could have the three minutes back just before I rolled my car three times in the desert about ten years ago.

  3. So many things to do, all the time to do it. Brilliant! I’d spend it better than taking photos of barely dressed statues!

  4. Or you could go back three minutes and trip them while they’re laughing at the you from three minutes ago, and then you and the you from three minutes ago could both laugh at them.

  5. I’d have to go back a more than just 3 minutes because it’d take me ages to work out how to operate the time machine. Or I could go forward till after I learnt to use it. I’d go forward to my funeral to see who didn’t cry, then go back & make their life a misery

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    davis: would going 3 minutes into the future make me a better rider or something? hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: if everyone could go back 3 minutes in time, it would probably double the population … and there would be no Darwin Awards.

    S. Le: that statue is naked! buck naked … or I guess barely naked now that I think about it.

    Dennis the Vizsla: you are way ahead of me … or maybe 3 minutes behind me. hee hee!

    Tony: you expect a funeral! you are an optimist! hee hee!

  7. severnyproductions

    dont let me ave a thme machine you’d never get me off it

  8. severnyproductions

    on a serious note, i wouldn’t change anything about past because i beleive every mistake has a lesson to teach

  9. severnyproductions: a time machine would definitely be addictive.
    I think they should be banned. hee hee!

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