Hee Hee!

hee hee!


A few people are coming to visit, so I’ll be missing for a few weeks.

Have fun without me!


note: I got this idea from Bunk Strutts over at Tacky Raccoons. It’s only taken 4 trips to the beach to actually have a sunny day.




11 responses to “Hee Hee!

  1. Lookin’ good there Ross! Fab photo.

    Have fun with your peeps. We’ll miss you!

  2. Great picture, even if you did borrow the idea! Have a great time with your guests! I’m sure you’ll report back afterwards with plenty of stories for us. In the meantime we’ll just have to get our laughs elsewhere.

  3. Wow, a few weeks! Sounds fun.
    Take some cool photos.

  4. Hey there Ross’s shadow. Where’s Ross at?

  5. Have a great time. Looking forward to all the oil smeared nude in the kitchen wrestling shots.

  6. Schools’ out- Ross has guests. Great, so the rest of us have to go without?

    Sheeeesh, what about us?!!!!!!!!!

    Do these unsuspecting guests know they might be blog fodder?

  7. You’re shadow has a very nice smile, will he be a regular character on your blog? He could become more famous than Visorman

  8. Enjoy the summer! Knock back some of that hideous diet beer. Then once it’s out of the picture, get something decent!

    -Turkish Prawn

  9. haroldsnodgrass

    love the pic

    Cheers and happy vaca.

  10. Good god. I never thought that I’d be a victim of identity theft.

  11. Thanks for all the comments.

    The vacation was great!
    I revisited so many places, it was like Brideshead … whereever or whatever that is!
    I’m sure I’ll blog about it sooner or more sooner.

    No nude wrestling in the kitchen with oil or blog fodder siblings: just the regular crap as usual.

    note: anyone who commented on other stuff – thanks for the comments … I’m lazy and won’t be replying to your comments … except for the “Cheese Sweating” one … because cheese sweating is serious.

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